About us

Revolutionizing Transportation Management for Unparalleled Efficiency

Revolutionizing Logistics Through Technology

Welcome to Accur8 – where innovation meets expertise in the dynamic world of logistics and transportation. We are a passionate team of logistics professionals and IT software developers who united with a common vision: to redefine transportation management systems (TMS). Our journey began in 2019, in response to an industry cluttered with outdated TMS solutions, over-reliance on spreadsheets, and the cumbersome use of disparate communication tools. We saw the potential for something greater—a system that not only adapts to the evolving digital landscape but thrives within it.

Bridging the Gap with Accur8 TMS

The shift to remote work, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, posed unprecedented challenges and opportunities for the logistics sector. Traditional, high-cost installation programs failed to meet the needs of a newly hybrid workforce, and the necessity for a cloud-based solution became unequivocally clear. Accur8 TMS was born out of this need, designed to connect multiple offices and divisions seamlessly, including staffing agencies hiring globally, under one unified platform.

Control, Sync, and Beyond

Our biggest challenge was replicating—and improving—the office work environment within a digital space. How do we maintain management control and ensure team synchronization as if everyone were in the same room? The answer lies within Accur8 TMS. Beyond facilitating remote work, our platform enhances operational efficiency, fosters collaboration, and streamlines communication across continents and time zones.

Our Evolution

From an ambitious team of over 20 individuals, we have grown and evolved, driven by the belief that we can always do better. Today, we proudly offer a cloud-based web program that outperforms installed software, providing a modern, intuitive solution that keeps everyone in sync. Our commitment to continuous improvement is unwavering; we pledge to never stop enhancing Accur8 TMS, ensuring it remains at the forefront of technological advancement.

Looking Forward

As we continue to expand and refine our offerings, our mission remains the same: to provide a TMS that not only meets the demands of today’s logistics and transportation industry but also anticipates the needs of tomorrow. We are more than just a software company; we are innovators, problem-solvers, and, most importantly, partners in your success.

Join us on this journey to transform logistics management. With Accur8, experience the future of seamless, efficient, and unified operations.